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Andrew Selous MP


Andrew Selous MP Visits Dunstable Men in Sheds

  In the photo, left to right are, Umberto, GLynn, Martin, Bernhard, Andrew Selous, Nigel, Mike, Richard and Tony. 

The Visit by Andrew Selous MP for SW Bedfordshire to Our Shed.

Friday 17th May 2019.

Andrew Selous MP for SW Bedfordshire paid us a visit on Friday morning. He had for some time shown a keen interest in what we do at Our Shed, and wanted to know a lot more about the Men in Sheds movement and how it provides benefits for the elder men in local communities throughout the country.

For us, his visit was a golden opportunity to describe to Andrew our respective talents, skills and show him a range of the products that we make. Not forgetting the many community projects we have taken on; and to outline our future objectives to grow.

It was comforting to realise that we had a range of the nine members present who had been at the founding of the Shed back in 2016, up to our latest recruit of two weeks, who hails from Luton.

Andrew was impressed with the machine tools and other equipment we have, and then told us that in his early days he had trained as a Carpenter. Glynn immediately asked him to join us! We all laughed!

Then, as Andrew was looking at our products, he picked up a turned wooden truncheon that had been a commission job made during the week, and said that he would like to use it to ‘knock some sense’ into some of his parliamentary colleagues at Westminster! Again, we all laughed!

He praised us for the high quality of the products we had on display, especially the smooth finish and type of wood used to make the turned dibbers, which are made from cheap wooden rolling pins that we buy from a local supermarket. He was most impressed with our ingenuity!

Andrew then questioned us about our premises, and how we cope with the restricted space available. The current situation was explained, and the reasons the town council had to delay giving us the other half of the building. We made him aware that we had no problems with the town council now that further clarification of the problems they were facing whilst reorganising their resources had unfortunately caused. Projected handover for September was the month given.

In accordance with our plans to grow, and the actions agreed at the UKMSA AGM for all Sheds to lobby their respective MPs to raise the profile of the Sheds movement within parliament, it was explained to Andrew that for local issues we needed more support from both the town and county councils, especially with gaining future funding from the Section 106 Grant Aid scheme. For the broader perspective, we told him that at present we are the only proper Men’s Shed in Bedfordshire, and are only too willing to assist via the UKMSA to encourage the founding of more Men’s Sheds in towns and villages throughout the County.

Martin Young

Trustee and Chairman – Dunstable Men in Sheds.

Megaglass Bench


Terry Presents the Bench to Chris and Nicola from Megaglass

We made a bench from the packaging material that Megaglass generously donates and presented it to them as a small token of our gratitude.


Martin in Oz

Martin was touring down under and is checking out a shed or two on the way click below to see about a shed near Melbourne

Point Nepean Men's Shed

New equipment at the shed

Funded By The ASDA Foundation


Thanks to the generosity of ASDA and the hard work put in by Tony (AKA Sean) we now have some great new equipment at the shed 

Early Morning Delivery


One heavy packing crate arrived bright and early at the shed, the strong plywood panels will be recycled in the shed and used for future projects.



Everyone sets about unpacking 

Assembly Team


Contrary to urban myth sometimes men read the instructions !!

First Run


The honour of the first run was awarded to Tony, we can now take rough timber and turn it into quality material for our projects

Wigwam Project


 A wigwam side panel assembled in the jig.  The jig was designed as standard engineering practice, to ensure that all the five sides of the wigwam would  be pre-drilled and made exactly the same so that final assembly would be easy. 


 The assembled side panel – showing the finished length @ 2.60m. 


 The ‘first fix’:  Three out of the five sides clamped together to check alignment.  The pre-drilled fixing holes can be seen in the joining rails.  However, the uneven ground made it hard to determine accuracy of fit. 



The ‘first fix’:  External view showing the overall height of 2.40m, and how the wigwam fits onto the base diameter of 2.00m.  Only the fourth side panel and the fifth ‘Doorway’ panel to complete before the ‘second fix, and snagging’ stage. 

RVS ASDA foundation award


Abigail , from RVS,  visited Dunstable shed today to present us with a cheque and a plaque 

The Plaque



Cheif fund raiser, Tony accepts the award from Abigail

Click on photos for slide show

DMiS & remap joint project



‘What a fantastic job!  The next set of photos must show Denny playing basketball!

The synergy between Client, REMAP and DMiS has been formed.’

Martin Young: Chairman – Dunstable Men in Sheds.


DMiS and Remap got together to make and fit a crash bar to a sports wheelchair so that Denny can play basket ball


Detail of the fittings


The finished bar prior to fitting

Crash Bar Project


Denny came to us for help with this interesting project.  At present, we do not have the resources to do metalwork, but an outline drawing was made.  So, we linked up with Alan Harding from ‘Remap’, who was keen to help.  Alan then developed the outline drawing into a working drawing, from which he purchased the steel tube and the fittings.  He then machined, assembled and painted the component parts into the completed Crash Bar.

Click here for Remap website

Crash bar in place, time to play !

Visit to winslow shed

Warm Winslow Welcome

Paid a visit to the Winslow shed this week,  made welcome by the members who gave us the grand tour !   They have a great set up with good facilities.





Wood turning classes


Wood Turning

Several shedders wanted to try wood turning, thanks to Keith for coming in to share his knowledge and give shedders a start in a new skill.

Christmas Craft Fair





We held a successful stall at the craft market in Aston Square in November and December.

The there is still time to buy our hand made and individual Christmas items and lots more, just come to the shed during open hours or go to "contact us" via the home page.

Totem Pole handover

17 October 2017


Today at Beecroft Academy the Totem Poles were officially handed over to the school, Terry, Martin, Glynn, John, Tony and myself were there to represent the Shed and the entire school turned out to give us a rousing welcome. I think we were all surprised and touched by the reception. Many of the kids, sorry students, thanked us and all seemed thrilled with the work we did on the Totems. Current protocols mean we have to seek parental permission to post photographs with the children in them so for now just one of us. When I get more from the headmaster I will post them here.

Photos Published Scroll Down

Woodturning at the shed

Check out this great video